I move things a little bit, then I take a picture.

Ancient Order of the Wooden Skull — Animation Director/Animator — "It's a Wonderful Binge," "Alakasam!," "Hot Wheels City"

Divinity Productions — Animator — Eddie Alcarez's "Divinity"

1st Avenue Machine — Animation Director — "Target Easter," "Target Summer"

Vandal Productions — Animator — Eddie Alcarez's "Vandal"

Extra Credit Productions — Animation Director — Anna Akana's "Dolor," "The Most Popular Girls In School,” "Dr. Havoc's Diary"

Shadow Machine — Animation Director/Animator — "Ted Lasso's The Missing Christmas Mustache," "Honda Christmas 2021," “Honda Christmas 2016,” “Honda Christmas 2015,” “Honda Christmas 2014,” “Honda Christmas 2013,” "Hell & Back,” “Gusto Rules,” “Gummi Bear”

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios — Animator — "Santa Inc.," “Robot Chicken,”  “Bratz,” “Monopoly”

Laundry Design — Animation Director — "Nutrisystem," “Clif bars,” “Intuit,” “Farmers Insurance,” “Rubio’s”

Disney Interactive — Animation Director — “Cars,” “Tsum Tsums,” “Duplo,” “Descendants Style”

Laika — Animator — “Coraline”

Gentleman Scholar — Animation Director — Alexia “Sweet Potato,” “Waffle Cut”

Biscuit — Animator — “Acura”

Digital Kitchen — Animator — Michael’s Arts and Crafts “Imaginate,” Hershey’s “Mini Cookies” 

More Fancy — Animation Director — Cage the Elephant video “Aberdeen”

iam8bit — Director — “ReCore” video game promotional video

Flyer Entertainment — Animator — CES presentation for the DEG

Whirled — Animation Director — “Google,”  “Zagat”

Thomas Demand, photo artist — Animator — “Pacific Sun” 

Jess3 — Animation Director — “Google Gmail”

Atorrante Films — Animator — “Known to Collapse music video”

Culture Brain — Animator — "Culture Brain company logo"

Pete Levin Films — Animator — “Marvel”

USC — Animation Director — Diet Coke “Morning Routine”

Vitamin — Animator — McDonald’s “What We’re Made Of”

Brand New School — Animator — Honda “Sardines”

M’Ocean — Character Designer/Animator — Disney “Chicken Riddles”

Hezekiah Productions — Animator — “Pervert!”

Acme Filmworks — Animator — “Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show,” “Comcast,” Colorado Lottery “Quarters”

Green Dot Films — Animator — “Burger King”

Space Bass Films — Animation Director — ABC’s “George Lopez Show,” MadTV’s “Auditions,” “Jiminy Glick’s Lalawood,” NBC “Free Snacks,” Oxygen “Behind the Kiss,” VH1 “Player’s Paradise,” “WebTV”

Song Design — Animation Director — Discovery Channel “Superhero Science,” "Incurable Collector,” “Cosmopolitan ID spots”